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    Norton Internet Security 2009


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    Norton Internet Security 2009 Empty Norton Internet Security 2009

    Mesaj  Kashim la data de Sam Mai 24 2008, 12:40

    Pentru inceput imi cer scuze pentru ca e in limba engelza, mi-e lene sa il traduc, iar Admin a spus ca pot sa postez si in engleza.

    Norton Internet Security 2009 to Come with Super High-Speed
    - Install in less than a minute, super fast scanning process

    Symantec is one of the best security software companies on the web and this fact only forces it to bring more and more advanced technologies which would be
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    Moreover, Symantec wishes to simplify the installation process of Internet Security 2009 and make the whole wizard a one-click setup. According to PC Magazine, the Symantec security experts analyzed the regular Norton Internet Security 2008 installation and it could take up to eight minutes. This must be improved, Rowan Trollope said. That's why the security company wants to abandon the Microsoft installer and develop its own tool which would allow users to deploy the software in less than a minute with a single click.

    In addition, Symantec wants a faster scanning process. In order to do that, the company wishes to develop a huge list of whitelist programs, but also brand new technology to bring the definition updates on users' computers. No longer than 300 performance improvements are expected to be included in Norton Internet Security 2009, PC Magazine reports.
    "It's obvious that we must be the absolute best in performance. If I could create what's unquestionably the fastest security product in the world, without compromising security features, it would be very clear to the consumer why they'd buy Norton. Performance is the focus for 2009," the Symantec official told the same source. "We're not there yet. We're still working on it."

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    Norton Internet Security 2009 Empty Re: Norton Internet Security 2009

    Mesaj  Itchacy la data de Sam Mai 24 2008, 14:31

    Yep yep yep ^^ this is what i'm talking about ^^ al 3-lea cel mai bun antivirus din lume la ora actuala xD ma refer la Norton 2008 nu 2009 Razz ... 2009 va rupe tot Twisted Evil
    Cum am mai spus si in alt topic : merita sa fie luate in original si platite licentele deoarece chestiile oferite free via net nu sunt nici pe jumatate capabile sa faca ceea ce poate face o aplicatie de security originala si "pe bani" xD ... so , pentru cei care pot da banii pe asa ceva => merita! faceti rost cat mai repede de ele ^^

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